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The game is currently free available. All you need is an account on Origin - which is also free of charge.

You can download this game following the link:

Admirals Report 5

written by SWAT_OP-R8R at Friday, August 1st 2014, 9:42am

Admirals Log

Stardate: 92186.35
Location: Phoenix Starbase, Eta Eridani Sector Block

Personal Note: I have to write more logs in future. Starfleet Command got nervous not getting any reports for such a long time.

Despite my very little time due to a special assignment deep inside the Crossfire sector block the fleet is appears to do very well. Our Vice Admirals have done a great job to take care of the fleet personnel and the fleet projects.

Since the war with the Klingon Empire ended additional resources became available which allowed us to upgrate our shipyards and your starbase to T5. Within the next four weeks the Industrial Fabricator, the Communications Array and our Transwarp Conduit T5 will also be completed.

The latest attack of the Undine on the Earth Space Dock and on Qo'noS has caused massive damage to the Klingon and Federation defences and showed how vulnerable we were. The need for strong Starbases and Fleets guarding our territories has never been higher than today. If the Undine ever try to attack us again we will have to stop them before they reach our core worlds.

Admiral, Starfleet Command

Who Ordered the Confed Naval Uniform?

written by Bot at Tuesday, July 1st 2014, 9:03pm

SMPDesigns has added an interesting specimen to their elaborate costume portfolio. They make suits for movies, but they seem to specialize in one-off and cosplay reproductions. Their new creation is a naval outfit in the style of the Wing Commander Movie, and it's even pictured with a Freddie Prinze-esque Blair model.


WingNut Wedding: Chris & Lacey Take Off!

written by Bot at Monday, June 30th 2014, 1:02pm

Congratulations Chris and Lacey! WCNews editor Chris Reid married the former Ms. Lacey Kumanchik on Saturday, June 21st, 2014.


GOG Sale Knocks $38.40 Off Wing Commander Series

written by Bot at Monday, June 30th 2014, 2:01am

Today's the last day of GOG's hot summer sale, so there's another brief shot at getting the Wing Commander series for a whopping 80% off. That's $9.52 for WC1 through Prophecy, Armada, Academy, the Privateers, all expansions and bonus material.

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Wir bemühen uns um die besondere Parajumpers Adirondeck

by hyhy (Wednesday, August 13th 2014, 8:46am)

Wir bemühen uns um die besondere Parajumpers Adirondeck Jakke informellen
Attraktion Fortschritt 'Wir versuchen, die insbesondere Parajumpers Jakke
informellen Attraktion zusammen mit Zuverlässigkeit in der Parajumpers Jakke
Aged Dorf zusammen mit Parajumpers Jakke Wohnungen, die traditionelle Gliederung
und zeitgenössische Vorteile kombinieren zu verbessern', erklärte ich 'Auf
Team-Präsident, Vince Graham. 'Wir sind ein integraler Bestandteil dieses
Klassikers der Stadt, und auch Oregon C ...
La société Puma penche sur les conséquences écologiques LONG Logistique Le bien
le 16 mai, La société Puma a présenté les résultats de son premier bénéfice de
l'environnement et refuser l'examen (Elizabeth P \u0026 L), qui à son tour a
révélé que la production de matériau naturel représente environ le plus élevé
par rapport a un effet sur sur le carburant à effet de serre (GES) des
sous-produits ainsi que de boire l'ingestion de l'eau dans des procédures
chirurgicales de PUMA et de fournir ...

Ajay's Story: Not Weakened, Not Alone.

by Ajay (Saturday, June 7th 2014, 9:30am)

Ajay's Story: Not Weakened, Not Alone.

Omega-3 system. GMG Observatory.
I was siting on the bed in the cargo hold of the "Stranger" and sending directives to one of my assigned store managers when the console then suddenly displayed the new message.
"To: "Ajay"
From: Coalition HQ, Vorkuta
Captain Mercy has reported for duty some minutes ago. He's got a storage ship in Sirius ready for departure to [lexicon]Inner Cor ...

An old friend

by Night-Hunter (Thursday, June 5th 2014, 7:19pm)

Yesterday in the late hours the phone started to ring.
Yea, ok, i'm on my way.
After one fast talk i start the engines of my Hunter and get out in the open space. After i get in X-3043 i go to Vega, after that i head to the planet. When the planet get in the scanner range i saw him, the one who send me in the space in the night. His name was DC_SLAVIMIR. This is one of the last members of that police department. We stayed a little in Vega ...

Diary of Ajay: "Sudden Surge"

by Ajay (Thursday, May 15th 2014, 4:03pm)

Ajay's Diary: Sudden Surge.

Well, the day seemed to promise nothing, I thought, lying on my bed inside the makeshift living room in the cargobay of my Basilisk and reading some "Horus Heresy" books on my personal console. I've been waiting on Mirtrak for a second day since I've made a quick visit to Sirius, and thought about already going back.
But then, a signal interrupted music in my headphones. A new message. From... none other than Flyagin himself.
Last time I've seen, h ...