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Maniac Bikes to Work

written by Bot at Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 5:02am

Tom Wilson was recently spotted in the May/June 2014 issue of Momentum Magazine. It turns out that when the Maniac isn't test piloting a Morningstar, his go-to mode of transport is the trusty bicycle. Tom explains how biking around Los Angeles is feasible, and he also reveals how he's bounced back from two hip replacements.


Happy CIC Easter!

written by Bot at Monday, April 21st 2014, 4:01am

The CIC themed Easter eggs are back! Have a good one, folks. Special bonus: Roberts Space Industries' Sandi Gardiner at Lord British's haunted egg hunt at Lake Austin earlier today.


French Language WC4 Highlighted at Oldies Games

written by Bot at Monday, April 21st 2014, 4:01am

Jérôme Brenner tipped us off about a profile of Wing Commander 4 in the the French OldiesGamesTV video channel. It's a brief collage of WC4 cutscenes that most Wingnuts are quite familiar with, but the French dubbing is interesting to watch. Over the years we've heard from many fans who learned English so that they could hear the original game audio, but now it's English speakers' turn for a taste of the reverse.


Wing Commander Games Discounted on GOG

written by Bot at Sunday, April 20th 2014, 5:00pm

Good Old Games is running a big sale this weekend on its Electronic Arts catalog of games, including the Ultima and Wing Commander franchises! This also includes Strike Commander, Crusader and many other familiar titles. There hasn't been a discount like this since their holiday sale in December, and 60% off is nothing to sneeze at.


Walker suicide run

written by Bot at Sunday, April 20th 2014, 1:25pm

Walker suicide run
One from new Capships explosions effects.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

by Horus Hotepsekhemui (Tuesday, December 24th 2013, 8:33pm)

To Everyone In the Crossfire Community - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Us All!


That time of the year

by Zhe Boss (Saturday, December 21st 2013, 1:53pm)

Damn... Well, its THAT time of the year. Sitting home near the fireplace, browsing the web, doing absolutely nothing. And then, boom, it strikes me. I'm a senior, what the heck am I going to do with my life? I've been browsing colleges, academies, all kinds of schools looking for something that may poke my interest. So far, just one. IT Academy. Enough choices, perfectly balanced studies plan, and what I was looking for the most, certificates that are valid worldwide. Now don't get me wrong, the ...

Say Hello to My Invisible Friends

by Horus Hotepsekhemui (Wednesday, September 4th 2013, 2:29am)

I was on my way back from a voyage to Banysia, and was going through Kinak when the tade Lane ahead of me showed signs of travel.
Since I didn't see any ships in front of me I was a bit perplexed at the activation of a trade lane for what seemed to be, no reason at all.

I exited the trade lane and saw nothing about, so I docked with the gate and went to Assris.

Mortem et renascentiam

by Horus Hotepsekhemui (Monday, September 2nd 2013, 3:22am)

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Warning, Warning!..The klaxon sounds...Core Meld Down is Eminent!

Just my luck, three weeks out in deep space and this happens - Systems Down, processors off line, controls aren't responding!
Suddenly everything went dead and there I was a drift in Space, no way to navigate, just an emergency backup beacon, and hope someone will find me.

Diary of Ajay. "Returning to the Source".

by Ajay (Sunday, May 5th 2013, 9:20am)

Diary of Ajay. "Returning to the Source".

Before fourth wall establishment.
This is a pure fiction, on-station junk, lot of headcanons, blah blah blah, less of actual events. You've been warned.

-*Yawn* Oh, my head...
I reached my glasses, put them on and turned on nightvision mode - it was dark and I needed to find a switch. Reaching it and beginning another morning. After 30 minutes I was ready to get to cockpit ant take off. I grabbed my electronic pad and checked my mail account input.
-Ju ...