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CF Sectors & Systems

Original title: Sectors and Systems

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(move your mouse over Sectors in map to see preview and click to open link)

Sirius Sector

Sirius Sector was colonized by old Earth's colonist from the Western Alliance which escaped from Sol on five Sleeper Ships when the Alliance realized they were not going to win The Great War. The ships were a means to escape to another sector and start over.

Border Worlds

The Border Worlds are comprised of the systems on the borders between House systems. These systems are clustered into three zones: Sigma, Tau, and Omega. The Sigma systems comprise the border between Kusari and Rheinland space. The Tau systems comprise the border between Bretonia and Kusari space. The Omega systems comprise the border between Rheinland and Bretonia space. The Sigma systems, in particular, contain the wreckage of battles between Kusari and Rheinland. More about Border Worlds history can be found HERE.

Omega-3 Omega-5 Omega-7 Omega-11 Sigma-13 Sigma-17 Sigma-19 Tau-23 Tau-29 Tau-31


House Bretonia: members of this house are of British ancestry. Their cities have a Gothic hint to them, with prevalent browns and grays for color. Rather depressing places to be at I would assume. Their ships are large and lack agility, as the Bretonians primarily concentrate on trade. The Bretonian systems were founded by the inhabitants of the British sleeper ship Bretonia. The ship arrived a full 20 years after the Liberty. The region is now ruled over by a monarch and its capital is Planet New London. More about Bretonia history can be found HERE.

Cambridge Dublin Edinburgh Leeds Manchester New London

Crossfire Systems

New systems were discovered not long after the incident with the Nomads at the Dyson Sphere. The majority of these systems are connected with the central X-3043 system which contains a jumpgate junction (build and used by the Nomads), which allows fast access to the whole of Sirius space. Hundreds of Rhineland, Liberty, Kusari and Bretonia ships were destroyed in the Battle for X-3403 before the Nomads were forced to retreat. A few of the newly discovered systems are accessible from "old" Sirius systems and there are rumors being spread about a few other mysterious systems in which there are old and dangerous secrets hiding.

Arena Casius Coloseum Cube Arena Custodian Daedalus Death Valley Dyson Sphere Enigma
Enyo Far Point Freeport 7 Helios Hiruga Hyperion Inner Cloud Midpoint Rift Neophobos
Nephele Nomads Lair Oasis Omicron Minor Outer Dyson Sphere Purian Lake Quantos Regalis Sea of Shadows
Sekar Seltos Tarsus Telosis The Corridor Tohoku Vega Vespus Wanderers Pond
Wheel of Sirius X-3043
- Hidden Systems
Mysterious systems (part of Crossfire Systems) that are hiding old and dangerous secrets.

Dervon Lost Paradise Planet Lost Paradise Unknown 1 Unknown 2 Unknown 3

Edge Worlds

The Edge Worlds are the most remote systems in the Sirius Sector. These systems are referred to as the "Edge Worlds" because they represent the far edge of the explored part of the Sirius Sector. Included in the Edge Worlds are the Hispania and Unknown systems.

Omega-41 Omicron Gamma Omicron Theta
- Unknown Systems
That part of Edge worlds with a strong presence of the Nomads.

Lower Unknown Upper Unknown

Independent Worlds

The Independent Worlds are comprised by the systems surrounding the Liberty systems. These systems are named after explorers and astronomers of Old Earth.

Bering Cortez Galileo Hudson Kepler Magellan


House Liberty: the traditional "good guys", House Liberty has evolved from Earth's USA. The skyline of their cities is very modern, resembling what a future New York (central system) may well be. Liberty ships are well balanced, and are a mix of good agility and decent armor. Liberty is a very capitalistic colony, cherishing free trade above all else. Its location at the center of Sirius has made it extremely rich off of inter-colonial trade, and Liberty's military forces have the protection of free commerce as their primary mission objective. While their military is comparatively the weakest of the houses, so are its criminals, resulting in a remarkably secure colony that the other Houses can only envy. Those interested in the history of Liberty can read more HERE.

Alaska California Colorado New York Texas


House Kusari: comes from Earth's Japan, and consequently, their cities and ships reflect that origin. Cityscapes are filled with characteristic Japanese shapes and colors. Their ships are made light and agile, and do not have much armor or cargo space. This house is ruled by a feudal system, in contrast to the single leaders of the other nations. The capital of Kusari space is Planet New Tokyo. Those interested in the history of Kusari can read more HERE.

Chugoku Hokkaido Honshu Kyushu New Tokyo Shikoku


House Rheinland: the name Rheinland means "Land of the Rhein", the primary river in Germany. Their origins are reflected in their ships, as they are made heavy and bulky, and carry a heavy armament. Rheinland ships serve best as assault ships and bombers. House Rheinland is also the most militaristic of the Houses. Rheinland was, at one point, the most powerful of the major houses, even with its stripped down military, which has been reduced to its last battleship, the Westfalen. As industrial and nationalistic people, the Germans brought their traits with them to the Rheinland and produced an economic powerhouse that has seen better days. The capital of Rheinland space is Planet New Berlin. Those interested in the history of Rheinland can read more HERE.

Dresden Frankfurt Hamburg New Berlin Stuttgart Utopia

Sol Sector

The Sol Sector is the place of origin for mankind. It was also for a very long time, mankind's only home. All this changed in the 23rd Century at the end of the Great War between the Eastern Coalition and the Western Alliance. The exodus from Sol started with the Alliance which was losing the war. They had launched five sleeper ships which breached a Coalition blockade and headed to the Sirius Sector. Not too long after this the last of the "victorious" Coalition forces also had to leave the Sol after the Nomads invasion. The Nomads had occupied Sol for a very long time but in the end they were defeated by the "Sirius" humans which were able to successfully deal with the Nomad threat in the Sirius Sector . With this victory they decided to return and liberate their original home. After the Nomads were defeated, the rebuilding of Earth began. There was however, still one unanswered question: What happened with the Eastern Coalition? This question was answered by Jack Blinch, when his investigation revealed an area in Sol space where the Coalition started their way to the Altair sector where they built a "second" mankind colony.

Note: info about Sol in Lexicon will be significantly updated.

Altair Sector

The Altair Sector was where Eastern Coalition escaped to after the Nomads invaded the Sol Sector. Coalition colonists arrived here on two sleeper ships - CNS Minsk an CNS Moscow (there was one more coalition sleeper ship, CNS Stalin, but this one had launched earlier, chasing the Alliance sleeper ships towards Sirius). When they finally found a suitable system, which was named Sovetskaya, they started with its colonization and fortification (included heavily armed defense stations). The Coalition needed to deal not only with the Nomads, but also with the Dom'Kavash whom the Nomads had called for help. Altair space is huge. While there are several systems under Coalition control, there are a few systems that have heavy Nomads presence. Additionally, a large part of Altair is patrolled by the Dom'Kavash where they have a Hypergate linking those systems with the Inner Core Sector .

- Coalition Systems

That area of the Altair Sector that is controlled by the Coalition. Besides the Coalition inner enemy, the Coalition Rogues, you can also encounter the Nomads and the Dom'Kavash in some of these areas.

Er Riad Gagarin Gladius Guangdong Gurm Kalinin Meschhed Nedjef New Beijing New Hongkong
New Mekka Sovetskaya Tomsk Vorkuta Yakutsk

- Nomads Systems

That area of the Altair Sector patrolled by the Nomads.

Kandiris Mandar Styx

Inner Core Sector

This sector was, as were all other sectors in Milky Way Galaxy, ruled by the Dom'Kavash for a millennia. This changed when the Dom'Kavash decided to open three hypergates leading to distant galaxies, and the races living there. After an initial peaceful co-existence, the races living in the other galaxies decided to start a war because of greed. When humankind (living in the Sirius Sector ) were able to create their own hypergate leading to the Inner Core Sector, they had their first opportunity to open negotiations with the Dom'Kavash.

- Dom'Kavash Systems

These Systems in Milky Way's Inner Core were ruled by the Dom'Kavash for a millennia. Here are located their main planets, most of their population, military might and knowledge.

Bimia Crallard Dras Hyperspace Lenas Lintkin Loret Minnck Phanchdar Relenth
Rhuntath Sorror Timath Trawtai Weth Whyr Zhiklor

- IC Hostile Systems

These systems in Milky Way's Inner Core were conquered by Alien races from other Galaxies which decided to invade Milky Way Galaxy. They came to Milky Way through three Dom'Kavash hypergates powered directly from Milky Way's central Black Hole.

Celldra Inner Core Jormdar Mepther Pyrddra Ryssk Sadurn Venn

Canis Sector

Canis is an abandoned Dom'Kavash colony. For aeons it was the center for Dom'Kavash technological research and knowledge, but now it is just a relict of past glory. Technologies developed long ago are still there, but their use was forbidden due to the dangers of its great power. The Dom'Kavash said to Edison Trent that "this region of space is much more dangerous and treacherous than the ones you are used to flying in human colonies. There are many dangers on the way ahead and the Nomads you will encounter are the merest threat in all this". No one knows for sure what dangers and hidden secrets lies there (... we should learn this in CF 2.0)

Assris Banysia Belay Keltur Kinak