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Campaign (Singleplayer)

Original title: Campaign

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Crossfire has a very complex story with many side plots that are told from various point of views. The main story is based on ten chapters. Each mod release of the past introduced one new chapter to the Crossfire storyline. They explain how the story of the mod evolved with each new mod version, but they only give a rough overview of the whole story. To get the big picture you also have to read the Crossfire short stories, play the various side quests, follow the news and rumours on the bars, and of course play the Crossfire story campaign which starts right after the original Freelancer story campaign.

Chapter 1

Not long after the incident at the Dyson Sphere, a Rhineland explorer found a new Jumpgate to a hidden system in Omicron Alpha. When the ship entered this system, the crew was shocked. It was the main reason for the rising Nomad activities in the whole Sirius sector. Containing one planet, its moon and over 20 Jumpgates to Liberty, Borderworld and many unknown systems, it is a major threat for all houses. Rhineland, Liberty, Kusari and Bretonia decided to send their fleets to get this system under their control. But the Nomads were already waiting for them. Hundreds of ships were destroyed in the epic conflict now known as the Battle for X-3403. Capital ships engaged some of the most massive and powerful of the nomad fleet. The sky was lit with thousands of ships, both human and nomad firing missiles and all kinds of energy weapons at one another. Space was littered with the remains of cruisers, battleships and gunboats. Bodies floated endlessly into the vast regions of the universe. During the battle, the Kusari fleet began to chase a group of Nomad capital ships through one of the uncharted gates. It is presumed they were destroyed in the system which they traveled as radio contact suddenly stopped. For days the battle ensued until the Nomad forces, diminished and exhausted retreated to the unknown, after destroying their underground base and with it the entire planet. The Battle for X-3403 was finally won. As a monument to the extreme chaos that was experienced in the battle, the remaining moon in this system was named Crossfire. However, with the Outcast homeworld just a few light years away, the system is still yet to be completely secure.


Chapter 2

One day several months after the Battle of X-3403, a pilot under the employ of Cryer Pharmaceuticals picked up an emergency broadcast near one of the still uncharted systems leading from X-3403: "This is Vice Admiral Daisuke of the Kusari Navy! We are under attack by Nomad *#$*ces... we need immediate reinforcements! Our position is 12.*)"§12*33... Who ever can hear this please help us." The rumors that the Kusari Fleet is still out there are now confirmed. The Fleets of Liberty and Rhineland, the two most combat ready fleets since the Battle of X-3403, enter the system now known as Death Valley, nearest where the broadcast was heard, to rescue the Kusari. Meanwhile, in the Nephele System, a sleeper-ship wreck is discovered which looks similar to the old alliance sleeper-ships. Cambridge Research Scientists entered the wreck to explore it and to have a look at the ship database. "Russian language?!?!... It's a few hundred years old Coalition ship!" They returned to the University of Cambridge to present their findings to the Bretonian Magistrate. However, their report is officially rejected due to the lack of open-mindedness of the Bretonia government.

Crossfire Chapter 2 - Mission 17 - Kusari Fleet
Crossfire Chapter 2 - Mission 18 - Origins
Crossfire Chapter 2 - Mission 19 – Liberation

Chapter 3

The Nomad battle: Even with reinforcements coming to Death Valley the Kusari are not able to destroy the Nomad armada. Countless scores of lives are lost as the fight is nearing the 3-month mark. A single Kusari fighter blasted his way through the blockade in Death Valley and managed to deliver a data disk with invaluable information regarding the origins of the sleeper-ship found in Nephele. Local scientists analyzed the data-disk and the files confirm what the Cambridge scientists discovered. The Sleeper-ship: Launched 150 Years after the Alliance left Earth and Sol for the Sirius Sector. The reason, still encrypted with outdated technology, is yet to be discovered. It is theorized that the resources of Earth and Sol were completely drained and the sleeper-ships embarked into unknown territory so that the remaining human population of Sol could find a place to call home. Some of the inhabitants in nearby systems may have heard something about this, so it is worth it, my friends, to investigate these theories.

Crossfire Chapter 3 - Mission 20 - Nephele
Crossfire Chapter 3 - Mission 21 - Smugglers Journey

Chapter 4

Jump Coordinates found on the data-disk on the Coalition Sleeper ship provided the information needed to built a jump-gate at the far edge of Dublin. Unbeknown to the first explorers to travel through the jump-gate, it was the link between Sol and Sirius through the system known as Hyperion, which had at last been found. But Earth was not like how the halo-archives depicted it. The surface was scorched as if nomads had been there; not a single human survivor remained on the former human home-world. There was no doubt that the nomads were responsible. Scientists are now arriving on Earth to decrypt the old science centers left behind by the Coalition and maybe...just maybe we can find out where the Coalition went and why they really left Earth.

Crossfire Chapter 4 - Mission 22 - Paradise Lost
Crossfire Chapter 4 - Mission 23 - The Order

Chapter 5

Finally, the Houses have found out where the Coalition disappeared to: another star cluster in the Altair Sector. Envoy's of peace formed by the re-established Alliance Star Fleet were turned away with gunfire. The Envoy fleet hovering in orbit above the Coalition home-world Murmansk was blasted into smithereens. It seems now, we are at war with the Coalition...again. War is why Nations are forged and destroyed. War is why Humans have prospered beyond Earth. War... war never changes, and the peace won by war never lasts long before some other threat appears in the distance. War it seems...never ends.

Crossfire Chapter 5 - Mission 24 - Coalition
Crossfire Chapter 5 - Mission 25 - Cease Fire

Chapter 6

During a skirmish in Vorkuta in the Altair Sector between Coalition and Alliance forces, a new threat unveiled itself on everyone's scanners. Dom'Kavash, the long forgotten race of beings who were once thought to inhabit the Sirius Sector returned. The skirmish was immediately terminated as the humans were destroyed almost instantly by superior firepower and technology. Facing a larger threat than Humanity has ever known since itself, there is now a larger political battle being fought. The Houses of the Alliance and Coalition must now decide if they can stand together, regardless of past differences, to fight the Dom'Kavash threat. Countless ships of Alliance and Coalition fleets were obliterated by bio-mechanical monsters of old. It was feared that the Coalition was nearing imminent destruction. No amount of firepower, it seemed, was effective enough. Studies of the battles that ensued showed that for every Dom'Kavash fighter lost, 4 human ships were lost. For every Dom'Kavash Cruiser destroyed, 3 of our battleships were vaporized. These, and more similar statistics, led to the public release of military capital ships of all the houses, as well as the creation of more proto-type ships. Old schematics of proto-typed fighters were refreshed and the new ships mass produced and released to the public. Dom'Kavash fleets were on the warpath to Human genocide. The End was near.

Crossfire Chapter 6 - Mission 26 - Brennigan's Coordinates

Chapter 7

A massive fleet of Coalition ships were commissioned several months after the Dom'Kavash invasion. The people were firm in their belief that the new fleet's assault on the Dom'Kavash blockade would have been a cakewalk. Nevertheless, that optimism was soon dispelled shortly after the assault began. Than, a one in a million miracle happened. The fleet broke through the Dom'Kavash blockade, a miracle eerily reminiscent of when the Alliance left Sol. Soon after a hyper-gate was discovered. The fleet entered, but never returned. Exploration ships followed later and reported that the coalition fleet had been destroyed by the inhabitants of the Inner Core systems. These inhabitants were hostile to any force that was not Dom'Kavash. Mother ships continued to attack humans in every way possible. A way through these systems is still being charted, but is highly dangerous and rarely ever successful. The Altair system was economically devastated, not only due to the expense of the commissioning of the huge fleet, but also from the toll of the wars with both the Alliance and Dom'Kavash. The Coalition faltered as their outer defense lines fell and the Dom'Kavash spread into Sirius. Dom'Kavash armies flooded the sector, attacking everyone, but it seems they gave special attention to House Capitals: New Berlin, New London and New Tokyo. The fight spread to Omicron Alpha and X-3403. The genocide of Humanity was only just beginning.

Crossfire Chapter 7 - Mission 27 - New Worlds
Crossfire Chapter 7 - Mission 28 - Hyperspace

Chapter 8

We vastly overestimated the forces that attacked Sirius. It was later discovered that the fleets that attacked New Berlin, New Tokyo, New London, X-3403 and Omicron Alpha were merely scouts, seemingly looking for something. A professor at University of New Tokyo, Dr. Itao Hamasaki, believes that nomads in the Dyson Sphere sent a distress call which in turn prompted the return of the Dom'Kavash. The Dom'Kavash were initially mistaken that it was humans who the nomads considered the threat and need eradication, but something far more evil and powerful was on the horizon. Ruins, found in the far reaches of the Borderworld systems, hint at an ancient civilization who ruled over a large area long before Humans. Initial excavations of these ruins have yet to determine the name of this civilization, but they are commonly referred to as the Ancients. It is hypothesized by Doctor Hamasaki that whatever it is the Dom'Kavash are searching for, is in these ruins.

Crossfire Chapter 8 - Mission 29 - Utopia
Crossfire Chapter 8 - Mission 30 - Ancient World
Crossfire Chapter 8 - Mission 31 - Science Project
Crossfire Chapter 8 - Mission 32 - Inner Core

Chapter 9

The Gas Mining Guild poured billions of credits into research and development of a hyper-gate. Hyper-gates, until the completion of GMG's were those of the Kavash, so this was a huge leap for mankind. So large, that when a Research team went through the gate and never returned, this turn of events prompted a change in tactics for the Kavash. As it turned out, this hyper-gate led directly to the Inner Core of the Galaxy. As Edison Trent discovers, the Dom Kavash are waging a seemingly eternal war with foreign species: The Dom'Razak, the Dom'Setek and the Dom'Nepesh. Cut off from their resources, vastly outnumbered, and despite their technology being the most potent anyone has ever seen, the Kavash Empire now turn to humans for aid.

Crossfire Chapter 9 - Mission 33 - The Kavash
Crossfire Chapter 9 - Mission 34 - Device

Chapter 10

At the edge of destruction the Dom'Kavash for the first time in their history are forced to create an alliance with a minor species, the humans. If this alliance will fail the last defence perimeters of the empire will crumble. The Kavash will face their extinction and mankind might will follow. But mankind is divided and the alliance is at risk. The fate of the galaxy is in your hand.

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